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Ocean Sports from across the globe

Ocean Paddler TV

A paddle, a floating vessel and the ocean are the only ingredients needed in this exciting lifesytle show.

Hawaii Extreme

If you want to live life on the edge, this program showcases the sports and lifestyle activities that push the limits.

What Sup

WHAT SUP is the world’s first TV series dedicated exclusively to the sport and culture of Stand Up Paddling.


Bringing the spirit of Aloha to a global audience
Since 1998 nobody has covered Hawaii better than Zone Media

ZONE MEDIA was founded in 1998 and specializes in capturing the essence and lifestyle of the diverse and adrenaline fueled outdoor action sports of Hawaii. The company first became known for producing Hawaii’s first globally syndicated action sports program, “Hawaiian Xtreme Sports TV” which currently is broadcast in various countries around the world. In 2008, ZONE MEDIA launched a new TV series called “Ocean Paddler” which became the first locally produced ocean sports TV show to be picked up nationally accross the USA by Universal Sports Network and also syndicated globally. In 2014 ZONE launched “What SUP” the world’s first TV series solely dedicated to the sport and culture of Stand Up Paddling. The new series is carried by 2 National networks and in various international markets. Finally in 2015 we launched a best of the best style series called “In The ZONE”. This series combines the best segments from all of our other 3 shows into one high impact and compelling show. ZONE MEDIA services a large list of global clients and syndication markets and has become a very diversified media production company. Utilizing and developing cutting edge technologies, it has become a pioneer and leader in live web and TV production from the most challenging environments in the world. With 100’s of finalized TV programs and the largest action sports library from Hawaii, ZONE MEDIA offers its clients and partners unique opportunities in media, syndication, event production, marketing, branding and editorial content creation.

  • Live Webcast Production

    We offer full service Webcasting of any size event.

  • Production Management

    Let our years of experience work for your local production

  • Branding

    We have helped both international and local companies find their branding voice and help them connect with their clients

  • Global Reach

    With 4 television shows airing across the globe we will help your brand enter new markets both home and abroad.


Leaders in Media here to work for you.
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Alex Reinprecht

CEO/Founder/Executive Producer
Alex took his water knowledge from Windsurfing and started a career filming in the waters of Maui. This would lead him to create Zon3 Media.
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Ken G Kosada

Associate Producer/Editor/Camera Op
From the Big Island of Hawaii, he is passionate about all sports involving land, air, sea and even fire. He’s been filming since 2000.
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Terry Galpin

Segment Producer / Director of Sales and Marketing
Terry joined Zone Media in 2008 and brought over 20 years of experience with. You can find Terry crossing channels in her sailing canoe with her ohana or surfing at her favorite breaks.
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Kala’i Miller

TV Host / Presenter
An avid waterman himself Kala’i has become the face of Hawaiian paddle sports television.


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